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Rohan Audio is a home studio in Jackson Heights, NY offering audiobook production and other audio services at reasonable rates. The studio is owned and operated by Pete Rohan, a SAG-AFTRA signatory. See our facilities and the services we offer.

Awards & Honors

Rohan Audio is proud to have produced several audiobooks that have been nominated for and/or received industry awards, such as:

About Pete Rohan

Pete Rohan is a director and audio engineer who has worked in the audiobook industry since 2007.  Based in the New York City area, he collaborates with narrators to produce high quality audiobooks; provides one-on-one consultations for home studio construction; and develops and teaches workshops on home studio production. Pete holds a B.A. in Motion Picture Technologies from the University of Central Florida.

Pete on Audiobook Production: Pete has contributed his insights on home studio setup and audiobook production on the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) Blog:



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